1. Boo’s new feet

    There is just something about the smell of rain on the mountain’s trees that I cant get enough of!

    Well its about time for our big family reunion..which I am truly looking forward to! Just wish my hubby was here with me to meet the rest of the family. It will though, be nice to finally introduce our son to everyone! So far so good with him sleeping in a place other than home and still being a little on the sick side! Hope the sleeping continues, although I’m not counting on it seeing as how there will be a house full of noisey people and my son is an extremely light sleeper! Could be an interesting and tiresome week and a half.

    I was trying to be a good wife and I got our cat, or should I say, my cat declawed a few weeks ago. He had terrorized of old furniture and my husband was so fearful we would never own anything nice because Boo would wreck it! Well I got a new couch and a new set of none clawed front feet for my cat! He has had a cone on his head for two weeks now, poor guy! He has long hair and has always been an extremely clean cat and now ive realized he doesn’t have ephezima, just excess hair stuck in his throat. Because for the 2 weeks he had the cone he was unable to clean himself and never once coughed! He though didnt seem to realize he couldnt bath himself and would spend close to an hour cleaning his cone! Poor cats hair started to look greasy and I had to cut hair balls from his armpits:( Today though, I removed his cone a day early so he could get all cleaned up and not feel embarrassed when meeting the family. He cleaned and cleaned himself becoming one soft looking AND feeling fluff ball!

    Of son has been asleep for a few hours now, Ive had time to relax and reflect and now its time to sleep:)

  2. Still sick:(

    Well my son and I are still recovering from out colds! He is still more sick than I. I have started to feel better and that poor little man has a runny nose and a cough. They gave him an inhauler which seems to help him not cough as much or to stop the coughing when he is BUT his cough still sounds bad. And his poor little nose and cheeks are chapping from whiping the snot off:( hopefully we will both be back to ourselves very soon! Today I realized I am due in 2 months 12 days!! That’s a bit if a scary thought! Our son was born 4 weeks early and if that’s the case with this little one… MAN do I need to get my butt into gear! Really the only things I think I still need is the double stiller which is huge! A few more blankets, some more diapers and wipes, and one of those things that goes in the car seat to hold their heads in place!
    I also need to pack my bag! And keep it in the truck for just in case! Since our son was early I didn’t have anything ready! Nit even a camera. The only pics I had from right after he wa born were in my hubbys phone which got washed… Losing the pics! So this time I wantto have everything ready! Camera, video camera, ect. Plus I need to pack a little bag for her AND have a plan for where my son is going depending on the time of day and who will be taking me to the hospital:) Lots of thinking and planning to do!!

  3. Messy Night

    Today my cousins, son, mom and I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach taking this long cut I know! It was fun but very packed! To many people for me and my son wanted to of course see everything and try to catch the fish through the glass so I had to carry him the whole way. Which you’d think wouldn’t be a big deal! But I do have a big ol pregnant belly and he does weigh a whopping 25 lbs.

    When we got back to town we went to dinner at a nicer place Called beach Fire. The waitress was standing between me and my son and my son started coughing and then projectile vomited the amount an adult would, aiming at me but just missing the waitress. After I got that all cleaned up and fed him a little, I started to smell something smelly. Knowing it was probably coming from my sons butt I took him to the bathroom to change his diaper. Yep, he pooped! A big one! I only had 2 wipes left so I had to first use toilet paper and then the last of the wipes all while trying not to vomit myself!

    When I got back from the bathroom there was food spread all over the table and water on my seat! The waitress had tried to clear all the food away and apparently spilled it all over the table and my chair. Looks like I should be thankful I was in changing a smelly diaper, and holding back my vomit instead of getting everyone’s leftovers thrown in my lap!

    Thank goodness we are home, my son and I are bathed! He is in bed and that’s where I am headed too!

  4. Sick

    So Ive been sick…real sick. With something of the chest, head and sinus cold sort. My voice now sounds like a man, not like the little child it has sounded like since kindergarden. The past few days Ive been throwing up in the morning. Not real vomit you could say like the kind you get when you have the stomach flew, but chunks of big green flem that scrap my throat when I cough and it makes me barf it right up! Which really sucks cause I’m prego and I cant always hold my pee right and sometimes when I start to throw up if I don’t cross my legs I start to…well you get the picture.

    Well I have been going to sleep with a cough drop in my month and usually when I wake up 1 of the 10 times I do to pee the cough drop somehow hasn’t seemed to melt all the way and is still in my mouth. I put 2 in at different points in the night last night. I had been awake this morning for about an hour, when I took my son upstairs to change him. I was waring the same long sleeve that I had worn to bed and when I stretched out my arm I noticed the couch drop stuck to the cuff of my sleeve haha.

    Here’s to feeling better when I get up in morning!!

  5. Wow!!

    Earrrrrthquake!! I was laying on my couch watching the bachlorett and everyone else was asleep! I heard a noise like someone was trying to come in my front door and realized it was an earthquake! The house shook and it took awhile for the light that is hanging over the dinning room table to stop rocking. I was trying to figure out if I really felt what I thought I did and my bestie called! When I picked up she said earrrrrthquake!! Lol we both felt it! And we aren’t even in the same neighborhood any more!

  6. Confused house!

    Well my cat thinks he is a dog and my son must think he is a cat because I caught him eating the cats food! Now in a normal day this wouldn’t bother me but this baby has made my stomach weak and as I was pulling chewed up cat food out of my sons mouth I was gaging! We have a confused house! I was left with no choice but to have our son wash down the cat fodd bits that I couldn’t get out with a big spoon full if apple sauce! He seemed to love it! Added more flavor I guess;) Busy day today of finishing unpacking and cleaning the up stairs! It took almost all day to get my room done. Sorry to tell my hubby but I organized and color coded his closet:) he doesn’t like that but it looks nice for now and he can mess it up however he wants when he gets home! I got out of my jammies long enough today to shower and put clean ones on. Some days you just have to say in your pjs, specailly when it’s clean the whole house day! I have had a sore throat for days now and it’s still here so I must try and sleep, thinking good thoughts about being healthy when I wake! Tomorrows going to be a looong day!

  7. Man O Man

    Man O Man have I been a busy women! Last night when I went to bed I hurt sooo bad. My whole body was aching! I think from walking on the tile floor in the new house with bare feet all day long, and probably going up and down the stairs a million times! Which will be very helpful in losing baby weight after my daughter is born:)

    Yesterday morning, early, I got a call from my husband. I figured I’d better stay up after that because I picked up my new house keys at 830am and I still had some packing and organizing to do! How the heck were three of us girls and my son gonna move everything!??

    I got a call at 8am from a man yelling WOMEN! you were about to get left behind!!(I guess I missed several calls from him) WHo the heck is this??? He was one of the Sgt’s that didnt deploy and is holding down the fort here. He said one of the Cpl’s (who is one of mine and my husbands best friends had explained to them my situation) Told me you needed help moving today so I am sending you 13 marines to move you! I started crying and thanking him!! You sit your ass on the couch and dont do a thing he told me! He said Cpl. Egan is my man and I will take care of you! So 13 of them came over. Half stayed at the old house with one of my best friends, she controlled them and had them pack up everything and the other half stayed at the new house with me and did all the unloading! While we waited in between truck loads the guys here helped me unpack and hang pictures on the wall! We got more than 3/4 the house unpacked and decorated:) Thank you Marines!!

    This morning I got the kids furniture delivered and the crib all put together, everything is starting to come into place! BUUUT my son got pink eye!! How the heck did he get pink eye?? Ive ever had that in my life poor little guy!! I have to put drops in his eyes for 5 days. Hope it goes away fast!!

    I got my cat declawed and thought he would hold a grudge against me..he normally does, but he is doing great!! Although he has not gone upstairs yet but I dont think he can see the upstairs past his cone lol.

    Awww now I am sitting here on our big new comfy couch trying to muster up the energy to make it up the stairs take a shower and get to bed!! Must get motivated! Maybe a piece of chocolate will help:)

  8. Brighter tomorrows

    I just spent the evening at the Bury’s house helping make funeral arrangements for Sgt Brandon Bury. He was a fellow Marine to my husband and died June 6. His wife has to be the bravest toughest women I have ever met! I almost couldn’t comprehend that she was functioning and able to bark out orders as to what everyones job over the next several days would be. She amazed me!

    As I bathed their son, doing what little I could to help, I thought of how sad it was that he wouldn’t ever get to play catch with his daddy in their back yard or watch sports togther and my heart ached for him!

    Not only did Brandon make a sacrifice for this country but so did his family! And I thank him for that! He will be missed!

    I pray for all our Marines and service men to come home safely! We need you back!

  9. Lost a friend

    You can shed tears that he is gone,
    or you can smile because he has lived.
    You can close your eyes and pray that he’ll come back,
    or you can open your eyes and see all he’s left.
    Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him,
    or you can be full of the love you shared.
    You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
    or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
    You can remember him only that he is gone,
    or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.
    You can cry and close your mind,
    be empty and turn your back.
    Or you can do what he’d want:
    smile, open your eyes, love and go on.


    Today was a tough day, but what day isnt when you hear someone you know has died. Not only someone you knew but a great friend, a dad and a husband. What do you say to their loved ones to make the hurt go away or to their 3 year old son so he will remember his daddy or understand he wont be coming home.

    This morning my husband and I lost a great friend! His humvee rolled over into a canal full of water and he was one of the four guys who didnt make it out alive. He left behind not only his wife but a 1 and 3 year old son, My heart aches for them and I long to be held in my husbands arms, and hear his voice, kiss his face and tell him I love him.

    Looking for a brighter day tomorrow remembering great times with great friends and thinking and praying for a family in need.

  10. It’s a wonderful life:)

    Let’s back it up a little- instant replay please:) went to MN and had a blast! So glad my mom and dad got to come with to meet my husbands wonderful family! We all had a great time and it seemed like we’ve been family for ages. Allergies really bothered me there though! My left side of my face got soo full of snot that the pressure was out of control! Last night there I woke in the middle if the night and had to take a steaming hot shower to loosen everything up so I would be comfortable enough to get a little sleep. Plane ride home was the worst ever! Head felt like it might explode and the second plane was so old you couldn’t control your own ac and it was so hot I thought I was going to pass out! Yeaterday we went and did a little shopping now that I’m back in ca. Had to get a few things for the new house! Can’t belive we move in 4 days!

    Today I am having a wonderful life! Went and bought a new couch! Got a great deal and I pick it up tomorrow. Also sold my old one this evening which made me feel even better. Although now we are sitting in the floor:) andthe best part was my husband called!! He was in such a great mood laughing and joking! God I love that man! Now it’s off to sleep. Tomorrow is a big day. Farmers market and arts fair, picking up couch and massages awww it’s a wonderful life!


So here I sit...on the couch! Where I have been sitting and laying since Friday January 8!!

I wanted to start a blog to tract my journey of recovering and BEATING Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
Maybe some of you can relate to me, or know someone who has been through something similar. Maybe some of you have what I have but have no one to talk to about it or maybe some of you just would like something to read to make you laugh or make your day feel mmm not quite so bad!

Here is my story....
In April I married the love of my life!! He is truly my guardian angel! He serves in the United States Marine Corps and I couldn't be more proud to be called his wife.
In July we had our first son....he came a month early and my husband was gone in the Field when I went into labor:( Another story for another day

And now this chapter of my life we will call BATS- which is what I like to refer to my cancer as:)

In September I started getting sick, maybe allergies, maybe a cold...ear infection they said.
It was at my check up 8 weeks after my son was born when I started expressing my symptoms to my doctor. They thought it was just hormones after the baby.
I still was having problems in mid September, when I went back in they said Asthma..take your puffer(inhaler) as the doctor called it. So I did. But then one night at dinner with friends I started having a stabbing pain in my chest that went into my back, I wanted to go home and lay down but MY husband forced me into going to the ER. My lungs were full of something...pneumonia they called it. Check up with your Dr in a few days. A few days later I was back to the Dr again only this time they wanted a CAT Scan to further see the nastiness in my lungs...I got scared called to make an appointment right away and got one scheduled for a month away! No need to rush they ensured me. So off I went to AZ for a month!

It was in November my life changed yet again!
CAT Scan showed a mass in my chest, tumor the radiologist said...if its cancerous you'll need chemo he said. My heart sank! I was sobbing when I got to my son and my husband in the waiting area. See your Dr immediately is all they had to say. So off we went...all he could say was we don't know what it is. LOL thanks DR!! He said I would be worried if I were you! They sent my results to a chest specialist who then sent my stuff to the oncologist!!

November 13, 2009 Balboa Navel Hospital San Diego California
Sitting in a waiting room was myself, my husband, son, aunt, mom, and dad.
Misha Egan...the Dr called and I felt I might barf! Dr. Norris sat us down in his office and said he was 95-99% positive I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Well he was right after , PET Scans, bone marrow biopsies, and cutting a piece of a lymphnod out of my neck they decided I do Have

Hodgkin's Lymphoma 2B
For those who don't know B is for the Symptoms such as the annoying cough that seemed never ending, the skin that itched so bad I thought I might scratch it off, the head aches, the night sweats that soaked my jammies, extreme tiredness and weightloss ect ect

On January 8, 2009 I had my port placed in my chest and had my first chemo treatment..everything since then has been an uphill battle.

My goal is to everyday write a blog to inform people, keep you up dated, answer any and every question you might have.

Thus far I have suffered from extreme fatigue, weakness like you cant imagine, constipation, severe bone pain, nausea, headache and a feeling of helplessness

WARNING: Blog may contain honest, graphic content